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Black Hills National Forest with Harney Peak

Black Hills National Forest

The Black Hills National Forest is located in southwestern South Dakota and northeastern Wyoming on 1.2 million ponderosa pine-studded acres ranging in elevation as high as 7,242 feet and spanning 125 miles north to south, by 65 miles east to west. 

Visitors have been inspired by the Black Hills throughout history.  More than one hundred thirty years have passed since A.B. Donaldson, a newspaper correspondent with General George Armstrong Custer's historic Black Hills Expedition, penned these words: The lover of nature could here find his soul's delight; the invalid regain his health; the old, be rejuvenated; the weary find sweet repose and invigoration; and all who could come and spend the heated season here would find it the pleasantest summer home in America.  Even prior to the white mans incursions into the Black Hills, the Lakota, who were the most recent of the native tribes to inhabit the Black Hills, perceived them to be a "holy wilderness" possessing mystical and powerful regenerative qualities. 

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